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Uganda Aeronautical Information Service Officer’s Association (UGAISOA) is a professional, non-political association which is aware of its obligation to Aeronautical Information services officer



The association serves to promote and uphold a high standard of knowledge and professional efficiency among aeronautical information officers as well as its commitment to promoting the flow of Aeronautical information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international air navigation

The association serves to uphold the Civil Aviation Authority mission of maintaining the highest standards of safety, Security and service in civil aviation pursuant to the provisions of International Civil Aviation Organisation Standards

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Below are some of Our membership packages

Ordinary Membership

Every candidate for this Membership shall satisfy the Committee, that he/she is a resident of Uganda who has attained the grade of aeronautical information officer or above and shall have the right to present proposals of admission for discussion at any general meeting, special members’ meetings or committee meetings. He or she shall have the right to vote and shall be entitled to hold an office in the association if elected.

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Honorary Membership

At any annual general meeting of the Association, the committee may propose (1) honorary member of the association to be elected by majority of the members present at such a meeting, and any such honorary member shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Association and enjoy the privileges of membership except voting without payment of subscription. No such a nomination shall be made unless the person nominated holds some public office or has rendered exceptional or special services on behalf of the Association. Honorary Members shall be lifetime Members of the Association unless deregistered by the Committee at their own discretion, and not more than two Honorary Fellows shall be elected in any one year.

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Corporate Membership

Any charitable, professional Association, or service, Organization, Authority or Firm shall be admitted by the Committee to this class of membership provided they:

Either employs AIMO's or individuals concerned with the application of AIM

Or is involved or interested in the general advancement of the AIM or Aviation Industry.

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Associate Membership

This membership category is open to friends, sympathizers, spouses, and children of regular members of the Association.

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Student Membership

Every candidate for election to the class of Student shall satisfy the Committee that: He/she is pursuing training in AIM and is yet to obtain a grade of AISO.

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Visiting Membership

The Committee may admit as a Visiting Member any person who, being a Member of an AIM Association, Institute or Association recognized by the Committee, is a bona fide visitor to Uganda. He shall take no part in the governance of the Association and the period of his visiting membership shall not be extended beyond a maximum of six months in respect of any visit to Uganda

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Our Management

Our team is comprised of professional, efficient and hard working individuals who are ready to uphold the values of the association and also propel the association towards achieving its aims.

Obbi Moses


Judith Itwau

Publicity Secretary

Nansamba Caroline


Gertrude Nakiryowa

Committee Member Administrative
Ugaisoa Calender

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Selected pictures from Our Annual General Meeting,Corporate Social and some Workshops


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